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Receiving Continuous Complaints From Customers for X-11 Pro Max Screen? Why Not Try iTruColor IX Series?

For iPhone 5G-8P screens, there is no shortage of high quality products in the market. Some manufacturers have produced and stably supplied their featured products. For example, our flagship products – iTruColor series, attracted a group of wholesalers and chain repair shops with its vivid color and ultra-low defective rate.

However, for iPhone X-11 Pro Max screens, there are too many choices. Some customers, especially wholesalers, started struggling for item selection after the unhappy experience of defects and constant complaints from clients.

Now the top-rated quality in the market including Incell, Soft OLED, Hard OLED, Original FOG. According to our preliminary statistics, the sales of incell should be the No.1. But it also the most problematic quality:

1.Glue/Adhesive leakage;

2.Touch issues, including no touch response after installation, ghost touch, touch failure in some areas;

3.Color and brightness are far from original screens;

4.Frame will out of the LCD Screen;

5.Mismatched installation;

For Hard OLED and Soft OLED, they will also have these problems:

1.Abnormal touch function, for example, the touch for home screen is normal, but for some interfaces, such as text, WhatsApp etc, the touch will fail;

2.Screen jumping, black screen;

3.Mismatched installation;

4.Screen function fail and unavailable after system upgraded;

After the long-term research and demonstration, iTruColor’s R&D team found that the LCD/OLED is the key to improve performance of screen replacement. All high-copy screens require a piece of chip to transcode and running, which will cause large power consumption and affect the functional problems of the screens, like touch stability.

What’s more, once iOS upgraded, various problems will occur and the screen may not able to use again.

Therefore,iTruColor launched iX series. iX screens adopted Original LG/OLED, no need chips for transcoding, iOS upgrades are worry-free.

Kindly check the following comparison between iX Soft OLED and other soft OLED.

The color will be more vivid, brighter, stable. Also the price difference is small and close to high-copy soft OLEDs.

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