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Problem Solved for iPhone 11 Series “Important Display Message”

Apple has always been unfriendly to user repairs as the screen shows an” important display message” after being replaced aftermarket or even OEM screen.

The notice states, “Only technicians who have passed Apple service training and use genuine Apple parts and tools can replace the iPhone display. Such service providers include Apple, Apple authorized service providers or independent repair providers that use genuine Apple parts.” These notifications have no effect on your use of the iPhone or the display.

Why the this warning message appear?

The system for iPhone11 series will verify the touch module date when turn the phone on as the touch module is asseblied on the backside of screen, and touch module data and phone will show mismatch after replace another screen. The best way is soder the touch module of original screen onto the new replaced screen.

Check out the following solution:

Stpe 1:

Stick high-temperature tape around the touch module of the replaced screen, then wrap it with protective film.

Stpe 2:

Grind the touch models with electric chip granding tool patiently.

Start with the top layer then move on to the next layer. Also, be careful not to damage flex cables nearby.

Stop grinding work when solder joints coming out. Clean the bonding pad with PCB Cleaner soaked cotton swap afterwards.

Step 3:

Remove the touch module on the original screen and solder it onto the new replaced screen.

Remove the earpiece speaker and sensor flex cable on the original screen. Then put a piece of paper under the touch flex cable. Heat with Hot Air Gun and pry up the touch module on the original screen.

Then apply low-temp solder paste to the touch module. Heat with Soldering Iron at 365℃ to clean residual solder paste and black adhesive. Clean thoroughly with Solder Wick afterwards then clean with PCB Cleaner. Continue to get the touch module rebinded.

Step 4:

Solder the rebinded touch module onto the replacement screen.

Insert a pry piece under the touch flex cable before soldering. Its better to apply some alcohol for better operation. The metal plate and paper are used here for heat insulation so that the screen won’t be damaged by high temperature during soldering.

Apply some paste flux to the bonding pad and put the touch module in the right position then solder with Hot Air Gun.

Step 5:

Install earpiece speaker and sensor flex cable and assemble the phone then test. Go to Settings>About. You can see there is no more Important Display Message here.

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