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Announcement: Guard Against Fraud, Choose Trustworthy Suppliers.

Recently, we have received feedback from multiple customers. They have reported encountering a Chinese supplier whose information closely resembles our company’s promotional brochure from the Global Sources Mobile Electronics Exhibition held in Hong Kong in April 2023 (please refer to the image below). However, the contact details provided by this supplier are different, leading to significant confusion and prompting us to seek clarification. In order to present the facts clearly, we feel it is necessary to provide an explanation. The following is a comparison of the images:

copy vs original 2
copy vs original 1

As a Leader in promoting the healthy development of the LCD aftermarket industry and a pioneer of a brand, iTruColor was founded with the intention of changing the uneven level of screen quality in the aftermarket and offering customers straightforward and reliable screen replacement products. Over the years, influenced by iTruColor, an increasing number of peers and customers have started establishing their own brands. This positive development is highly welcomed by us. However, the audacious act of plagiarism that has taken place not only infringes upon our legal rights but also bears a resemblance to the conduct of a thief, demonstrating a complete lack of moral boundaries. Just as people with good intentions everywhere, we cannot tolerate such behavior.

We firmly reject this situation. In order to safeguard customer trust, we have decided to make this matter public, preventing further deception.

If similar incidents occur in the future, we will not hesitate to disclose the identity of the plagiarist.


Complaint Feedback:

Official Website:https://itrucolor.com


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