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Free 13-month Warranty
Non-Warranty Terms (out-of-warranty products are listed below)
1. Items out of warranty
2. Damaged LCD
3. IC damage
4. Cosmetic damage
5. Artificial damage to products, including but not limited to : drops, extreme temperatures, water, improper handling of equipment

Within 1-2 days after received your payment.

Accepted payment type: T/T, we can provide local account, support GBP, EUR, USD.

Frankly speaking, iTruColor is the best high-end screen with best user experience and the highest return rate!

1. The unique G+F structure creates a perfect match after installation. It is easy to install and restore the original thickness.

2. Touch function, 3D function and others can still be used normally with broken glass. If you accidentally broke your phone, you can handle the urgent things and then repair it.

3.True Color technology, high color gamut and high brightness to restore original display effect.

1. The G+F structure is the most significant and unique feature of iTruColor. G+F makes perfect installation and the touch, 3D function can be used with broken glass. It is the structure that Apple has adopted from the iPad Mini itself. The industry generally believes that the stability of G+F is much greater than G+G.

2. High color gamut. There are several suppliers who provide high color gamuts products on the market today, but iTruColor is the leader, and we are constantly updating and staying ahead.

3. Others: True 3D, Real fingerprint oil,Original FPC connector, 3M ESR and other more than ten details improved, all-round infinitely close to the original screen.

In addition, iTruColor has passed 3 major international certifications CE, ROHS and FCC.

1. It is easier to attract new customers, especially high-end customers who focus on quality.

2. It can maintain existing customers, more and more industry customers began to pay attention to high-end screens. Imagine if you are missing this product now, and your old customers need similar products, then they may find your peers to buy.

3. It can significantly reduce the after-sales rate, and get favorable comments from customers with less than one-third of the peers' ultra-low after-sales rate;

4. iTruColor comes with a research and development team that continues to innovate and stay ahead. Working with such a factory will also ensure your advantage in local competition.

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