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iTruColor–the Only High-End Aftermarket LCD Screen Brand With Full Range Currently in the Industry

With the development of the aftermarket LCD screen industry, some wholesalers and factories realized it does not benefit long-term development by attracting customers at a lower price. Therefore, some of them named their products and planned to build brands to distinguish from other products. But you will find they can not provide a full range of uniform quality products from 6G to 8P after testing.

For example, there is a brand that only can provide high-end products for 5.5-inch screen. It is the ordinary quality for the 4.7 inch screen. In addition, we also knew another brand which has three different quality from 6G to 8Plus. The quality of 6Plus is the worst, and it is also different for the 4.7 inch screen and a 5.5-inch screen.

Reasons are as follows:

  1. Demand is different for each model. Such as 6 Plus, it is well known that it has always been a bleak model. So most of the suppliers give up the development for 6 plus in order to maintain a certain input-output ratio;
  2. The strength of each factory’s R&D is different. For 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch LCD screen, how to select the raw material and how to configure these materials to optimize the overall effect, it is not a simple matter to reach a unified standard;

As a responsible factory, iTrueColor always believes that the high-end aftermarket LCD screen should be worthy of the “High-end”.It should be the unified standard of the whole series, and it should be the perfect polishing and pursuit of details. It definitely can not fool the merchants and consumers. Therefore, for the full range of products from 6G to 8P, through the long-time research and development of our technical team, we have established a unified procurement system, incoming inspection standards, production processes, finished product testing standards and etc. Even if we know the demand for 6P or 6SP is not too much, we still insist on the creation of high-end aftermarket screens, with greater investment to ensure the consistency and stability of the full range of products. We hope to contribute to the healthy and sustainable development of the aftermarket screen industry.

The full range of iPhone LCD screens from 6G to 8P, eight models, black and white, sixteen SKUs, iTruColor solemnly promises that we absolutely provide uniform quality and never shoddy, to help customers to improve competitiveness and public praise.

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