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iTruColor Screens Cannot Be Lowest, but Definitely Have Achieved Its Highest Value

The ultra-low defective rate of iTruColor is based on continuous technological innovationthe development of new moldsthe selection of high-end raw materialssupreme quality inspection systemmature production process and skilled workers. All of these made our cost significantly higher than the ordinary screens, but the value brought to our partners is huge.

Trouble-free: to avoid business risks.

Objectively, most suppliers are unable to provide consistent quality of products each time due to different sources of raw materials or non-Unified quality standards. Even if one out of ten batches of goods is defective, it will make you in trouble. However, iTruColor, with one quality standard, one production system(overall quality control from raw materials to semi-finished products to finished products), one dedicated professional team, ensures that you have nothing to worry about.


iTruColor can help you significantly reduce the internal QC procedures, RMA process, and improve management efficiency and simplify management.


iTruColor can help you save labor cost as well as advertising cost through excellent production reputation. It can also avoid customer loss and help to accumulate customers constantly.

The most important is: it can help you stand out from homogenization competition with local counterparts. Opportunity always favors the first that take action!

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