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iTruColor Screen Revolutionized the OEM Phone Parts Industry

Over the past year, with the emergence of the high-end iTruColor OEM Phone Parts, there have been some positive changes in the mobile phone aftermarket industry, especially in recent months. An increasing number of OEM phone parts industry practitioners understand the importance of quality, from the factory, middleman to end-users. It has become a trend to follow suit, but none of the products have reached the level of the high-end iTruColor LCD Screen. Naming a brand only won’t convince the professionals without a fundamental structural change.

iTruColor, as the pioneer and leader of high-end iPhone LCD Screen, has brought the following values to the industry and users through innovation:

Lead the users, businesses pay more attention to product quality and experience

As we all know, in the previous oem phone parts industry, products were badly homogenized. Customers can only be attracted by simply ultra-low price, which led to a vicious circle, low price- cutting costs – worse quality. Nowadays, with the emergence of iTruColor, it attracts high-end customers to pay attention to high-end products and quality, so many peers start to pay attention to quality and R&D so that customers can buy better products at a reasonable price.

Adopt more advanced product structure, fundamentally solve the fit issue after installation

The leading G+F structure is the fundamental technology to solve the problems of poor installation and secondary damage caused by the structure problems of ordinary aftermarket iPhone LCD Screens. Since iPad Mini, Apple has adopted the G+F structure (giving up the previous G+G structure). Professionals all know G+F structure is more stable and leading-edge.

Address the pains that almost every broken screen user encounters

Have you ever experienced this? You dropped your phone and have it replaced with an aftermarket iPhone screen. Some day, you accidentally broke your phone again and you found it totally not working, while you happened to have some urgent matters to deal with, maybe a call, or an email, but you can do nothing but to hurriedly find the nearest repair store to fix it first before handling the matters. Well, the emergence of iTruColor lcd has well solved this problem. Even if the glass is smashed, the touch still works. It frees you from current urgent matters. You can repair it when you have time.

Take high gamut as a basic configuration to ensure the same visual experience as the original

You can tell from the name we gave the high-end screen, iTruColor, that we take True Color(High Color gamut) as one of the most basic features from the very beginning. Good display effect is the easiest for everyone to distinguish by naked eyes. Up till now, there’s no true high-end screen that doesn’t have a high color gamut. In terms of high color gamut, we are undoubtedly the industry leader and pioneer. However, just as our slogan goes, Second to None, More than High Color Gamut, there are more worthy to be explored.  

It is our mission to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the oem phone parts industry. We hope, through our own efforts, we can help those who care about quality to achieve continuous success, while making quality and experience a necessary indicator for customers and users to choose suppliers. In this transformation, iTruColor will continue to innovate, deliver more value to our partners and agents and help our customers around the globe.

To be or not to be, that is no more a question! Give it a try, and you will know! For more details about iTruColor oem phone parts, please email to or DM to Whatsapp/Wechat +86 159 1532 7116. 

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