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Defective Rate<0.4%, What Exactly Does It Mean?

Those who have used our iTruColor screens all speak very highly of our products. As for our partners, they are all impressed by the ultra-low defective rate. Below is one of the feedbacks from one of our iTruColor agents, he has sold more than 10,000pcs iTruColor screens, but only 40pcs are defective

Defective rate<0.4%, what exactly does it mean?

Not only does it saves 8-15 times after-sales cost(product, manpower, energy, etc. The defective rate in this industry ranges from 3%~6%), but also rarely are there cases that you lose customers due to quality issues. Why? Because the defective rate of iTruColor screens is already the lowest in the whole industry. iTruColor will only help you attract more and more customers.  

Customers who walk away because of the price

They are likely to come back;

Customers who walk away because of quality

Most likely they won’t turn back.

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