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Why Do High-End Consumers Choose More Expensive Original Screens?

Background: There are many types of screens from model IP X on the market at present, and the quality is uneven. According to the difference of LCD, the main types are: original OLED screen, aftermarket OLED screen, aftermarket TFT screen.

1) Original OLED screen uses soft OLED panel, the main suppliers of Apple are LG, JDI, Samsung.The main products that can be supplied on the market are full original, refurbished(changed glass) and OEM(Laminated with all or part of the original materials). As we all know, the supply of first two types are unstable. Several strong factories can stably supply the third OEM quality.

2) Aftermarket OLED screen uses soft or hard OLED panel, the main suppliers of panels are GVO, CSOT, EDO, etc. The main LCD assembly brands on the market are GX, JK, HEX, etc. Aftermarket OLED screen are generally in the middle price, with better quality than TFT, and closer to the original screen on some aspects, but there are still some burn-in and touch problems.

3) Aftermarket TFT screen uses TFT panel, the main suppliers of TFT are GVO, CSOT, EDO and TRULY. The structures are Incell, G+G, G+F, and the main assembly brands are MX, JK, RX, IX, RJ etc. Due to the existence of the backlight layer, TFT can not completely avoid the light reduction. And because of its large number of layers, it cannot be as thin as OLED. In addition, since the LCD is fully backlight one no matter what color is displayed, and the OLED works independently of the pixels, the LCD is destined to consume more power. Finally we talk about the response time of the screen. There is almost no delay in the OLED screen, while even the top LCD screen will have smear. Of course, LCD screens are relatively cheap, and there are still some of their own customers;

Everyone knows that the original screen is better than the aftermarket screen, so what's the advantage?

1) Aftermarket screens need to be transcoded, resulting in higher heat generation and power consumption. The using time of original screen is 30% longer than aftermarket screen.

2) Aftermarket screens cannot 100% avoid the hidden dangers of IOS upgrades, while original screen upgrades are worry-free;

3) Some customers said that the original screen looks comfortable, why the original screen is far better than the aftermarket screen in terms of color, brightness, color temperature and color gamut. Just like the Hermes bag, the difference between copy and genuine products can be easily seen as long as they are put together.

The current shortcomings of the original screen:

1) Unstable supply;

2) Some suppliers pretend to be inferior and use aftermarket screens to pretend to be original screens. For customers, it is difficult to find a trusted manufacturer.

To purchase original screens, you need to find a supplier with an trustable brand, a relatively long operating time and a good reputation.

The original quality that Ander can currently supply stable:

1) High-end: Screen with original JDI OLED panel

2) Genuine original: Screen with copy glass + others are all original materials.

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