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—– 2nd Gen • iTruColor Colorful Series Service Pack

2nd Gen • iTruColor Colorful Series Service Pack

The 2nd Gen • iTruColor colorful series screen was displayed offline for the first time at the Global Sources Mobile Electronics Exhibition in April 2023.

The series of screens has a groundbreaking feature, which uses a front cover and bracket in the same color as the original back cover. This innovation fills the gap of traditional screens that only have a single black color, #iTruColor helps users achieve ” Your phone, you define” and enjoy the unique experience of the phone. The product immediately garnered high attention and recognition from customers and industry peers upon its release, also earning a reputation in this exhibition.

With the continuous iteration of products on the market, iTruColor colorful series screens have also been upgraded, which will bring you a better experience.

  1. Enhanced Display Experience: Higher color accuracy, wider color gamut, and better contrast.
  2. Impeccable Fit: Ensures a seamless fit, nearly the same as the original size.
  3. Multiple Colors Available: There is no color difference between the frame and the back cover.
  4. Service Pack: LCD, Cable, Mobile phone holder, Phone case, and Adhesive are inside the packaging.

Product innovation can not only help users improve their experience but also enable our distributors to maintain competitiveness, stand out from local counterparts. In today’s highly competitive market, iTruColor Colorful Series Creates Advantages For You:

  1. No Price Wars: Our exclusive offering eliminates the need for price wars. With no competitors, we can ensure reasonable profit margins for distributors.
  2. Customer Expansion: Attract more customers’ attention and purchase desire.
  3. Unique and Exclusive: stand out from many competitors and win the favor of customers.

Don’t miss out on the unparalleled advantages our exclusive product brings to the table. Contact us today to learn more about how you can be part of this groundbreaking journey. Together, let’s redefine the standards of excellence and revolutionize the market with our exclusive offering.

Objectively speaking, only a few companies in the industry can achieve the level of innovation that is widely recognized. It requires continuous investment and a keen insight into customer needs, all of which #iTruColor possesses. We eagerly anticipate our next innovation in the future.

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