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The Guide to Global Source Hongkong Exhibition 2023

The Guide to Global Source HongKong Exhibition 2023

Notice: Latest travel requirements for Hong Kong:

Inbound persons from Taiwan or overseas places, aged 4 or above, are required to conduct a rapid antigen test (RAT, which can be self-administered) within 24 hours, or undergo a PCR-based nucleic acid test within 48 hours.

Make sure you have a negative result and keep a photo of the test result for 90 days for inspection on request by Government personnel. No vaccination requirement is required.

Determine the objectives of visiting the exhibition.

For example, a.Find new suppliers. b.Communicate with existing suppliers. c.Find new opportunities and get the latest trends.

Pre-Research for exhibitors.

You can email your potential suppliers asking if they will attend the show. Or click this link to find the potential exhibitors.

Pre-Register online.

There is an entry fee of HK$50 if you register at the fair, so be sure to pre-register to get free entry. Click to register for the Global Source Mobile Electronics Exhibition held in Hong Kong on April 18-21, 2023.

Prepare many business cards.

Business cards are very important as they allow potential suppliers to find you easily.

Plan your transportation route.

The venue of the exhibition is AsiaWorld-Expo. There are several convenient means of transportation to go to AsiaWorld-Expo: a. Airport express train. b. Global Sources provides a free shuttle bus service between AsiaWorld-Expo and various locations in Hong Kong during the exhibition period. c. Subway. Below is the subway map.

subway map

Get a map of the exhibition showroom.

This will help determine which halls of the exhibition grounds have the products you want to source. You can even plan your walking route, prioritizing important halls. This will ensure that you can start working as soon as you arrive at the venue.

exhibition showroom map


If you want to get more detailed travel information, please click here.

As a high-end screen brand pioneer & leader, iTruColor will once again participate in the Global Source Mobile Electronics Exhibition held in Hong Kong on April 18-21, 2023. The booth number is 10P02. 

We will share the latest aftermarket trends, competitive products, and our unique brand value with customers from all over the world at the exhibition, helping customers stand out and win in the local market competition! Contact us to make an appointment to meet.

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