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Challenges for Repair Businesses in 2023

Challenges for Repair Businesses in 2023

In the past three years, Covid-19 has led to frequent lockdowns in China, so it has had a huge impact on the mobile phone repair supply chain around the world. Fortunately, China eases Epidemic policy restrictions, but the repair market development is still unknown in 2023. Let’s take a look at some Challenges for Repair Businesses in 2023 and what solutions we have for you.

Supply Chain Hurdles:

Due to the rising exchange rate, high freight costs, and unstable supply. The price of spare parts has increased and is very unstable. Currently, many wholesalers are hit with an ITC 337 complaint from Samsung Display. This could affect all aftermarket OLED panels and permanently block the import of aftermarket OLED screens.

In the face of unstable spare parts prices, joint procurement with other stores can reduce procurement costs by 3%-5%; it is also possible to exchange goods between stores and parts suppliers, which can not only reduce the inventory of parts but also improve cash flow.


Apple has released its Self-Repair Program, which allows users to purchase genuine device parts directly from them. Samsung is adding more of its flagships to the list of smartphones with self-repair capability.

Becoming the most reliable cell phone repair supplier in your area will take more than just tech expertise. Your inventory must be updated with spare parts for the latest phone in the market. Any instance of not being able to find compatible parts for a particular device can result in a lost customer. 

Online platform impact:

Many online repair platforms and parts online shops appeared in 2021 and 2022, and there are more and more competitors, which has a great impact on the sales of traditional repair stores. In this situation, you can make full use of online platforms like FB, INS, YOUTUBE, TikTok, etc. to attract customers.

Economic Crisis and Inflation:

Judging from the current situation, the economic recession caused by the epidemic will continue, and all walks of life will face the same reality.

On the one hand, you can reduce labor costs by changing the internal operation strategy. On the other hand, you can create targeted marketing activities by subdividing accurate classifications of customers to improve profits.


Although the repair industry will face many challenges in 2023, maybe this is also an opportunity to improve your repair business. Subscribe iTruColor and contact us at: https://www.itrucolor.com/ to get more repair industry information.

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