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More News About iPhone 13 Series: Configuration, Appearance, Performance, Battery Will Be Fully Upgraded!

At the 2021 Vivatech Conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook mentioned about the iPhone 13, which was the first time Cook responded to iPhone 13, but it was very limited. Cook said iPhone 13 would be better than iPhone 12 and help people solve more problems.

news about iphone 13 series

Compared to iPhone 12, what are the improvements in the core configuration, performance, photography, screen, and battery life of the iPhone 13?

1. According to the latest released information, the iPhone 13 series will be equipped with a new generation of A15 processor, which has already been started trial produced. The CPU will still use two large cores and four small core designs. Compared to the A14, it will have a 20% increase and also be equipped with 5 core GPU, which is expected to have an at least 35% performance upgrade. In addition, the processor will also use TSMC’s N5P process to further increase the performance and reduce power consumption.

2. The appearance design of the iPhone 13 is different from the iPhone 12, although iPhone 13 continues the design of the notch. Compared to the iPhone 12, the notch of the iPhone 13 is relatively smaller. To make it looks more coordinated, there will be more space on both sides of the edge. What’s more, the use of a rounded design approach makes it look quite durable.

3. As for the back design, iPhone 13 will no longer use a vertical camera similar to the iPhone 12, but a diagonal camera, that is aim to distinguish the chip from the old ones. This makes it more personality. But 13 Pro and 13Pro Max will continue the design style of 12Pro.

4. Same as iPhone 12 series, the iPhone 13 series also contains four models, including the 13mini(5.4-inch), 13 and 13 pro(6.1-inch), and 13 pro max(6.7-inch). Among them, the iPhone 13mini uses a super retina XDR display but no high refresh rate, the resolution is 2340 * 1080 pixels. iPhone 13 is also no high refresh rate. But 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max are different, they have a high refresh rate and both use 120Hz OLED screens.

The iPhone 13 series will be released in September this year. If everything goes well, the screen upgrade will be the biggest upgrade of these models, and prices will be high at the same time. Maybe it will be the most expensive iPhone ever. Let’s wait and see.

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