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Increasing Profits by Sourcing the Right LCD Screen for iPhone —Take iPhone12 as an Example

In the aftermarket screen industry, purchasing suitable screens for iPhone that meet the customers’ demands not only reduces costs, increases profits, but also attracts more customers. Today, As the company who ranked #1 in the global sales of iPhone 12 series’ screen, we would like to share how to choose the suitable screen replacements for 12 series, and help you to make right decision.

First, you need to think about 3 questions:

1. What is the budget of your existing customers? Which quality level do they need?

2. Do you want to develop new customers? If the answer is yes, then expanding high-priced or low-priced screens are extremely well.

3. What kind of screens can be supplied with inconsistent quality over a long-term stably? To ensure customer stickiness and continue to buy.

Usually, There are 4 major types of screens for iPhone 12 series on the market:

  1. Full original: Very expensive and few stock, unstable supply chain
  2. Original materials assembled by 3rd party: High price, less supply, uneven quality and many fake screens
  3. Aftermarket OLED: Moderate price, stable quality and supply
  4. Aftermarket Incell: Lowest price, quality and supply are stable


Although the quality and supply are totally different, but each type of screens has its corresponding customers.


Although the structure is completely different from the original ones, it can meet daily use. It is now the first in sales. It is suitable for customers with limited budgets. 


The structure and function are closer to the original, and it is the most power-saving screen. It was released later than Incell ones, so the sales are less than it. It is a product that can balance price and performance at the same time. It means you get an OLED screen which works close to original but cost far less.

Since the quality and price are different, and each customers has their budget and quality requirements. So the wholesalers/distributors often sell both incell and OLED for 12 series.

Original materials assembled by 3rd party:

The quality is generally high but uneven since they are assembled by different factories with different crafts. They are more suitable for customers who pursue the original experience but cost a bit lower.

Full original:

It’s genuine parts. It’s better to purchase it from Apple official shop, because there are few genuine parts on the market.


The following is a product comparison chart for your reference. If you need to know more details or have other quality/brand inquires, please contact our sales team or email/WhatsApp: 

iTruColor product comparison chart

Finally, thank all customers for their support for making iTruColor become the No. 1 sales for iPhone 12 series.

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