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iTruColor, Guides G+F Technology, Will Release G+F LCD Screen for iPhone X/XS/XS Max/XR!

Since 2018, the mobile phone aftermarket lcd screen industry has set off a wave of brands and a large number of brands have sprung up. However, most of brand only collect different models from different factory, then put them all together and marked as a so-called brand. The entire series not only has different quality between different models, but also the quality of the same model at different times are different.

Today, iTruColor (cell phone screens wholesale) is the only high-end brand in the iPhone lcd screen industry that has a full range of unified quality, unified technical standards and stable supply for all kinds of iPhone lcd screen.

As the pioneer and leader of the high-end lcd screen, iTruColor has been firmly and continuously investing in the development of G+F technology. So with leading technical strength, iTruColor will be the first brand to achieve unified standards for whole series from 6G to XR with the coming of iPhone X/XS/XS Max/XR G+F lcd screen.

Want to stand out from the competitors? Sell iTruColor(cell phone screens wholesale)!

Want to reduce customer churn through ultra-low defective rate? Sell iTruColor(cell phone screens wholesale)!

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Want to get G+F structure screen, come and buy iTruColor(cell phone screens wholesale)!

PS: iTruColor (cell phone screens wholesale) recruit authorized dealers and distributors in some countries or regions.

Welcome to consult with us for details, please email to or DM to Whatsapp/Wechat +86 159 1532 7116.

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