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iTruColor iPhone Screens Bulk Sales Booming, Lead to Supply Shortage

As a senior company in the aftermarket parts industry, we all know that June, July, and August are the traditional off-season. However, in iTruColor, we change the historical off-season into a peak time, and the iPhone screens bulk are in short supply. This mainly relies on the NO.1 quality and only 1/3 the price of original iPhone Screens.

Shipment of Aug 10, 2019

As the pioneer and leader of high-end aftermarket Bulk iPhone LCD Screen, we are actively expanding our production capacity and working hard to achieve our mission “Promote the sustainable and healthy development of the aftermarket LCD screen industry”.

Welcome to consult with us, for more details about iPhone Screens Bulk order info, please email or DM to Whatsapp/Wechat +86 159 1532 7116.

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