iPhone 6 Plus LCD Screen

iPhone 6 Plus LCD Screen

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  • Brand: iTrucolor
  • Type: iPhone 6 Plus LCD Screen
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iTruColor iPhone 6 Plus LCD Screen, 100% with three major advantages of OEM LCD Screen

1. It has original specifications in terms of dimensions, sitting perfectly within the phone’s housing, leaving no gap between the screen and the frame. #More than 1/3 of secondary damage is caused by incorrect dimensions of LCD.

2. The screen is clear and bright, with real and vivid colors. Your customer will never complain about the display.

#TrueColor technology makes it directly comparable to an OEM LCD.

3. Touch functions as normal even when the glass is broken.

#More than 85% of aftermarket screens have touch issues after it’s cracked.

Product Name: LCD Screen For iPhone 6 Plus

Brand: iTruColor

Screen Size: 4.7 inches

QC: Test all before shipping

Quality: Like the original

Resolution: 1334 * 750

Availability: In Stock

Package: Bulk and Retail Package can meet most of the clients' demands. Also, customized package service can be provided.

Specification iTruColor
Certification  CE,FCC,RoHS
Structure  GF2 (Upgrade from G+F), the same structure as iPhone 11
iOS Compatibility 
High Color Gamut 
Touch sensitivity  Excellent 
Force touch  REAL 3D TOUCH
Touch ID  Excellent, adopt OEM FPC Connector 
Brightness  4.7inch: 450±50cd/㎡   5.5inch: 500±50cd/㎡   
Backlight  (3M ESR)Enhanced Specular Reflector 
True Tone  8G,8P
Color Temperature  7000-8000K
Hardness of Glass  9H,the touch works normal even if the glass was crashed
Installation  No gap after install, same thickness as original 
Oleophobic Coating  Same technology as OEM,the coating will last over 3000 times on usage
Polarized Lens Support 
360° Full View Angle 
Visible in the Sun 
Dust free 
Quality Consistency for all models  All models are with same quality level 
Testing Machine  Original Phone 
Testing Procedure  One by one 
Warranty  399 days 


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