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Who We Are

iTruColor is the pioneer brand offering screen replacement for iPhone. iTruColor brand was founded in Shenzhen in 2018. Since then we are constantly aiming to improve the quality of our products and bring our clients the highest quality service possible.

iTruColor always insists on innovating to satisfy the demands of high-end users. Since 2018, the shipments under iTruColor has over millions of pieces and more than 51 countries.

Why iPhone LCD Will Make Your Business Stronger


100% legal

Right to Repair Act ensured the legitimacy of the third-party aftermarket for mobile phones, which has attracted many giants to enter the industry, and the sooner you enter the market now, the higher the competitive advantage.

10+ Years
Product Life Cycle

10+ Years Product Life Cycle

According to past experience, Apple’s after-sales spare parts for each model can be sold for at least 5 years, which will be extended to 10 years according to the Right to Repair Act, which makes your product selection easier.

$40 billion
market size

$40 billion market size

Less than 2% of products are repaired by Apple-authorized shops. Now that the global economy is in a downturn, people are willing to pay less to repair rather than buy a new one, which means that the mobile phone repair market is high-potential.

81% Of consumers
plan to buy more environmentally-friendly products

81% Of consumers plan to buy more environmentally-friendly products

Providing replacement parts to extend the life of your phone and help reduce e-waste. Save our planet from unnecessary waste and reduce carbon emissions.

Wonderful, Worthful, Colorful Experience

Bring You Wonderful, Worthful, Colorful Experience


Leading Display Effect

The leading of high-end screens with advanced display technology


Great Value for Money

Pay Less,gain more


Innovation From the Inside Out

The pioneer of the industry’s Exclusive original colorful screens

6 Worry-free Supports for Partners

Regional & Channel Protection

One distributor in one area. We help our partners grow their businesses and protect their interests, including never doing business directly with their customers.

Zero Risk

No inventory pressure. We offer fast delivery with a local warehouse. A refund can be issued with some conditions.

Ensured Quality

43 quality control steps and tested on the real phone. Millions of customers recognize our products.

Increase & maintain sales opportunities

No matter what business you're in, the phone aftermarket industry is the best opportunity to grow your business in the future, which can bring you new clients and keep old clients.

Guaranteed profit

iTruColor serves mid-to-high-end users and has no similar competitors. The comprehensive profit is higher than that of similar products.

Marketing Materials Support

We have a professional marketing team. We can provide the latest market information and marketing materials for free including pictures, videos, product posters, etc.

Apply To Become Our Partner

Our Business Team is your team. Our Business Experts will advise you on the products to fit your budget and find you the best market best selling option. All backed by ongoing support to give you much-needed peace of mind.

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Our Business Team is your team. 

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