Customers who walk away because of price, they are likely to come back;
Customers who walk away because of quality, most likely they won’t turn back.


What Customer Say?

Real Customer Feedback on Augest 2019

Customer place an order of 600pcs of iTruColor X screen after 500pcs sold out in one week.
Very little returns of iTruColor screens. save the return cost and hassle. Avoid customer churn because of quality issue.
Now the competition is fierce everywhere,the iTruColor LCD bring new customers for customers,so they decide to order consistently.

Real Customer Feedback on July 2019

Not only does it saves 8-15 times after-sales cost(product, manpower, energy, etc. The defective rate in this industry ranges from 3%~6%), but also rarely are there cases that you lose customers due to quality issues.
iTruColor is the best quality i've ever use,good colors,the repair customers like it very much.