Products Features

Products Features

High Color Saturation, NTSC Color gamut test reach to 84%, higher than OEM. What does it mean?

It means you can see TrueColor of life with iTruColor screen.The best & true tone compare with all the current aftermarket screens. If you still don't understand, look right!

You can see true red, blue and green on the iTruColor screen. This color difference is very clear, we suggest you test our screen with OEM and other aftermarket screen side by side.

While you come into multicolor interface,you will see the difference more directly. Users will have abosolutely different experience while they playing games or taking photos etc.

Perfect match with your iPhone

Currently, all the aftermarket screen frame stands out a lot after installation. This is mainly because the current screens adopted G+G structure. iTruColor LCDs adopt the totally different structure to assure the compatibility. Also another big difference is if the screen cracked, the phone is not dead and it still works. While the other aftermarket screen is totally different.

No Touch Latency
Have you ever met this issue? The touch is so far behind that if you type fast it can miss some keys. If yes,you may need to test iTruColor screen samples.

OEM 3D Touch and Touch ID Function
While you use 3D touch, you have to force so hard to get the 3D touch to work.Is that familiar? All iTruColor LCD has TRUE froce touch and easy to activate.

While you use touch ID,it's just getting lost. You get that feedback before while use aftermarket LCD? All iTruColor LCD use OEM FPC connectors, it's avoid the issue of "touch ID getting lost". How to judge whether it's OEM or non-OEM FPC?Look beside pictures.

White Point/White Level

Select "start measurement" and adjust your display's color temperature or RGB gain controls to match the desired white point. A good match is obtained if all bars can be brought to the marked position in the center.

Uniform Backlight, Brighness close to OEM

The white image really puts everything into perspective, because it's easy to see how big the difference is. Unfortunately we do not have as head-on picture of the white on the display.