Brand Story

With European Union’s planning to implement new “Right to Repair” act of electronic products, including mobile phones in 2021 in order to protect the rights of consumers to independently choose maintenance and repair parts and promote environmental protection, the mobile phone aftermarket will be more prosperous. But in the meanwhile, for end-users, to choose the appropriate spare parts, it will be getting complicated as to in what way to buy.

Over the past decade, almost all repair shops in Europe, China and the United States have purchased their products from wholesale markets. These products with No brand, no conformity certification, no production date vary considerably in quality and lacks price transparency. In order to grab the market share, some merchants attract customers by lowering prices and reducing quality, which brings a lot of troubles to end-users. Most users are in desperate need of a top-notch mobile phone screen brand that can help them reduce selection difficulty, save time and other losses.

Since working with PDA Screen, for more than a decade, Ben and his partners have been focusing on the aftermarket Screen industry, witnessing the development and deficiency of mobile phone screen. As industry veterans, they wanted to do something, so the iTruColor brand came into being-a brand positioned to meet high-end users who demands for products with high quality, being free from worry and time-saving.

As a high-end aftermarket screen brand pioneer, it is designed for users who pursue high-end experience. ITruColor perfectly demonstrates the charm of the leading TrueColor display technology, making the display effect more true-to-life, reducing eye fatigue, and at the same time, using new power-saving technology for a more lasting service life, etc.

Top-notch Phone Screen iTruColor,Explore original experience.