Brand Story & Culture

As people use their phones for longer and longer, we have almost met such issues like touch latency, lose true tone and cracked screen etc. Much worse is after you replaced the display, it is much more fragile, can’t be recovered to same as original (lose the TrueColor). So much hassles, is there any better solution?
Nowadays the after-sales screen markets of mobile phone are mixed. Many merchants acquire users by offering them low price, people are tired of the homogenized low-end screens, meanwhile, there are no one truly high quality aftermarket screens available.
Ben and his two partners have become good friends since their cooperation with the PDA Screen Project. For more than 10 years, they have been concentrating on the after-sales screen industry, witnessing the development of intelligent phones. Smart phones have become an indispensable tool in our life different from a rare product in the past. They are deeply disturbed by the unhealthy development of the screen industry with inferior quality and poor user experience. As the industry's senior experts, they want to do something, so the iTruColor screen comes into being.

As the pioneer of high-end after-sales screen brand, it is designed specially for those users who pursue high-end experience. iTruColor perfectly show the charm of leading TrueColor display technology to make screen display more real and vivid, alleviate eye fatigue and bring more energy conservation.And it’s more durable and the user experience compare favorably with original.

iTruColor LCD, Restore the TrueColor!