About iTruColor

iTruColor was born in Shenzhen,China, which is the world's largest mobile phone screen manufacturing center.

Ben-The founder and his team were specialized in aftermarket phone parts industry for over 12 years, worked with thousands of customers from all over the world. With a deep understanding of the industry and a grasp of future trends, they make every effort to launch the Top-notch Phone Screen brand - iTruColor. Once it was launched, it has been recognized by many professional customers in the industry. Its first-class quality and worry-free service have also been favored by countless high-end customers, and it has already shipped millions of pieces.

iTruColor has become:

  • The No.1 phone screen brand in Northern Europe and the pioneer in aftermarket screen industry-----Approved by the market for a long while
  • The first company who launched the high color gamut screen, which has become the most outstanding feature of iTruColor -----Which makes it different
  • The first brand who approved by CE, FCC, RoHS ----- Highest quality guarantee.                                              

iTruColor is the only one who always keep the same from brand name,brand logo,brand philosophy to product specification and target customers. It attracts a lot of peers to invest in high-end and high color gamut screens and leads the development of the whole industry.

In the future, we will definitely make more contributions to the industry!

Part II-What you can benefit from iTruColor as our partners ( Dealers/Agents)

  • New supply mode----Distinguish from ordinary products in wholesale market and merchants and find new profit growth points
  • Product differentiation----Provide high-end products to solve the current homogeneity and price war issues
  • Worry-free service after purchase----Provide the fastest and convenient service in the industry, from order placement, shipment , product quality and after-sales service etc.
  • Most Responsible support.----Help you expand your business, establish a true &long-term partnership.

If you are interested in further details about dealers or agents recruitment,please contact us at agent@iTruColor.com .

Parts III-What you can benefit from iTruColor as end users

  • Let “pain”become “happiness”.----It will be better after repair.
  • New options, make your own decisions---What grade products is your favor, non-branded products in market, or normal brand or Top-notch brand products?
  • Bring in true&high-end products-----better user experience, more power saving, and more durable.
  • You can only get full original screens in official shops and it’s very expensive, why not get a perfect replacement? ----We have perfect replacement and back-up from now on. Let’s explore iTruColor!
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