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Why We Talk About iTrucolor G+F When We Talk About Aftermarket iPhone LCD Screen?

iTrucolor (one of the largest mobile phone parts suppliers in China) which focus on high-end aftermarket iPhone LCD Screen for many years, After the launch of iTruColor XS MAX LCD Screen, iTruColor has become the first and only brand in the aftermarket LCD screen industry with full series, 12 models (from iPhone6 to iPhone XR) of the same quality, continuously leading this industry.

The Earliest:

At the beginning of 2018, iTruColor was the first supplier that mainly promoting G+FGlass+ITO Film ) structure screen in the market. With the recognition of many customers, more and more mobile phone parts suppliers follow suit. Surely we are glad to see the prosperity of the industry. Afterall, G+G( Glass+ITO Glass ) has completed its mission and G+F represents the future. iTruColor is to guide the industry.

The Largest:

By the end of August 2019, the iTruColor brand products have the largest shipments of Aftermarket iPhone LCD Screen, the largest user base. It is also the long-tested G+F product among the G+F structure iPhone screens.

The Best:

Professionals are clear that even the same G+F structure, different factories, different equipment, workers of different proficiency levels, different quality management, product quality differ a lot. However, thanks to our investment and experience accumulation, iTruColor maintains the record of the best quality, the best reputation in the G+F filed.

That iTruColor is the earliest and best in the G+F iPhone LCD Screen field with the largest shipments owes to our team’s joint efforts with our customers. Therefore, in order to thank old and new customers, our iTruColor XS, XS Max screens will greet our customers with the best price ever.  

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