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Why Does the New iPhone Xr LCD Screen Use G+F Instead of G+G?

With the early-generation iPhones, both the aftermarket lcd screens and the official brand new OEM lcd screens, the touch sensor structure relied on a glass-glass (G+G) structure, which had an additional glass substrate patterned with touch sensors on the top and the bottom. As the technology develops, G+F touch sensor structure appears. G+F solves the obvious drawbacks of G+G structure, such as too thick, bulky, fragile, rough structure and easy to lose functions. That’s why iPhone XR LCD Screen use G+F instead of G+G.

With Apple’s elimination of G+G touch sensor structure from iPad Mini to iPhone XR & choosing to go with G+F, a consensus has been reached among industry professionals that G+F is obviously superior to G+G structure.

What on earth are the features of G+F that make Apple adopt G+F touch sensor structure on its new iPhones?

Let’s take a look at its structure first:

G+G: Glass+ITO Glass

G+F: Glass+ITO Film


The film substrate of G+F determines:

  1. Much thinner, more durable and better touch sensitivity: Glass+ITO Film structure is much thinner than G+G structure and produces better display transmittance, while G+G is more fragile due to its glass substrate.
  2. Better precision: due to the film substrate of the G+F structure, the screen using this touch panel structure produces decreased thickness and produces perfect fit after installation which avoids the secondary damage due to an incorrect fit.
  3. It can still be used even if the glass is broken while for G+G, it is completely out of use with broken glass.

The strengths of G+F above are not what G+G have. As the earlier technology, there used to be numerous factories for G+G, these factories can only sell G+G structure LCDs at a low price to maintain market share due to unrecovered input cost of equipment or being lack of new skills, etc, which is not sustainable. Especially with the official promotion and the participation of more and more professionals, the industry’s development trend is to eliminate G+G and go with G+F.

As a pioneer and leader of the high-end aftermarket screen, iTruColor is debugging the G+F structure lcd screen from iPhone X, XS, XR, and XS Max to achieve the full series 6G-XR, 12 models unified usage of G+F structure, and further provide customers and agents with high-end solutions—aftermarket NO.1 quality but only 1/3 of the original price.

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