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The First High-End Aftermarket Screen With the Same Quality as OEM LCD, but Is at Least 30% Cheaper

The three most significant differences between OEM LCD and ordinary LCD that professionals all know:

(1) Perfectly installation, no any gaps, hard to break;

(2) The color is real and vivid with high brightness;

(3) The touch function still can be used even the glass is broken

iTruColor LCD screen can 100% achieve the above three OEM features, totally comparable to the original quality!

What is iTruColor?

iTruColor is the first high-end aftermarket screen with three original features, but the price is at least 30% cheaper than the OEM LCD. The emergence of iTruColor fills the gap in the high-end market and establishes the standard for high-end aftermarket screens, including passing CE, FCC, ROSH three international certification systems, defining eight features of the high-end quality LCD screens. It has become the first choice for a few high-end customers.  

Which customers are iTruColor best suited for?

(1) If you already have cooperation or potential customers have high-end needs or pay attention to quality.

(2) If you want to break away from price competition, and want to differentiate from your peers by offering high-quality products.

(3) If you have been purchasing original screens, but are worried about high defective rates and unstable supply.

(4) Other wholesales who want to give your customers a better product experience or reduce the defective rate.

Since the official release in 2018, a large number of customers have given us amazing feedback and given us 100% confidence. It is better to see once than hear a hundred times. You can compare it with the OEM LCD by yourself and get your own decision.

iTruColor promises that customers who are not satisfied with the iTruColor sample can return the goods within 15 days and we will refund you. 

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