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Marketing Strategies for Your Phone Repair Business During The Holiday Season

As we all know, the holiday seasons are often the time to get new sales growth. In fact, Black Friday is the holy grail for repair shops of all kinds. And of course Christmas and New Year.

Grow your business by developing some incredible marketing strategies for your repair shops, iTruColor provides you with some ideas:

Optimize your website and landing pages

If you’re an online retailer, ensure your website’s loading time does not exceed 5 seconds. Install Black Friday-themed banners.

Build your email list and make your email subject stand out

Creating email subject lines and CTAs that stimulate curiosity and offer something different from the standard annual Black Friday experience is a great way to boost your email open rates and get customers excited to shop. 

Utilize social media selling

You need to create a marketing plan that involves promoting your message multiple times on several platforms: such as Facebook and Instagram. 

Give them a special offer they can't resist

Special offers always attract a bunch of customers, so they should be cleverly designed to bring excitement and generate the right amount of money for you. Such as“Buy 1 Get 1 Free”


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