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In the context of COVID-19, iTruColor equipped the protective facilities for front-line employees in accordance with the requirements of the Shenzhen government. And relying on the company’s perfect systems and procedures, iTruColor became one of the first batches of companies that were allowed to start production. Partially returned to work on February 10, 2020, and all sales serve customers online. The goods are also packed and shipped in a sterilized environment.

The supply of the entire mobile phone parts industry has been greatly affected. Although it is slowly recovering, due to the impact of COVID-19, it is estimated that supply will be tight in the short term and prices have risen.

If you can’t quickly buy the mobile phone screen from your previous supply chain and don’t want to lose customers, try to contact our sales for the latest inventory information. Please email to , or DM to WeChat/WhatsApp 0086 159 1532 7116, we’ll give you a quotation soon after get your requirements on iPhone LCD SCreens, thanks.

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