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iOS 14.4 Will Warn Users on iPhone with Non-Genuine Camera Parts

iOS is already flagging non-genuine batteries and displays, and now it seems that iOS14.4 version will add non-genuine cameras to the list.

Apple has delivered this feature available to iPhone users with the latest version of iOS14.4 version. If your device is running the latest IOS14.4 Version and its camera comes with non-genuine components, you may see “Important Camera Messages” on the Lock screen and in setting. This warning shows up on the latest iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max models. This warning still show up even swapping the camera between two original iPhone12, but this non-genuine camera warning does not appear on other iPhone models.

camera warning

The non-genuine camera message will likely direct users towards a future Apple support document emphasizing the importance of iPhone repairs being completed by authorized, trained technicians using genuine Apple parts, including Apple, Apple Authorized Service Providers, and those part of Apple’s Independent Repair Provider Program.

Apple also showed a similar warning should it detect a non-genuine display or battery is installed on an iPhone. While the non-genuine message does not affect the normal use the iPhone in any way, but we can imagine this will grow annoying. Of course, Apple advises its customers to repair their iPhone and other devices to an authorized service provider to get certified repairs.

We believe that there will be a solution to this problem soon. Please refer our previous related articles for Non-Genuine Display and Battery warning solution.


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