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IFA 2022:iTruColor Is Entering the EU Market

The 61st International Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as IFA 2022) will be held in Berlin, Germany from the 2 to 6 of September.

Focus on high-end screen brand ——iTruColor, attended the fair for the first time from September 4th to 6th, launching our exclusive products and some new products.

iTruColor IFA 2022

What is iTruColor Demonstrating at IFA?

It is reported that there are only 280 Chinese exhibitors at this IFA exhibition, and iTruColor is the only high-end screen brand participating in IFA 2022. This exhibition is an important stage for iTruColor to further “enter” the EU market and has been well received by consumers around the world. The booth is located in Hall 9, booth 525. The products we mainly demonstrate are core series/classic series/colorful series.

Core Series:

Leading Display Effect. The leading high-end screens with advanced display technology

Classic Series:

Great Value for Money. Ensure outstanding quality always

Colorful Series:

Innovation From the Inside Out. The pioneer of the industry’s Exclusive original colorful screens

If you want more product information, please click the product page to view detailed specifications.

iTruColor in IFA 2022
iTruColor in IFA 2022 2
iTruColor in IFA 2022 1

What is IFA in Germany?

The IFA exhibition is one of the largest and most authoritative 3C technology brand exhibitions in Europe and the world. As the first offline global 3C and home appliance industry exhibition held in Europe since the COVID-19 epidemic, it demonstrates the current leading level of consumer electronics-grade home appliances at the application level.

In addition, IFA is known as the “market barometer” of consumer electronics products, it represents the development direction of the consumer electronics products industry, conveys the latest information, and enables manufacturers and traders to clearly see these developments. iTruColor’s participation in this exhibition is to “stand on the shoulders of giants”, adjust the development direction in time, and strive to maintain a leading position in the industry.


IFA fair has ended successfully! Very satisfied with all aspects of this exhibition. We have met our partners and met many customers who are interested in our brand, and we look forward to further talking with our distinguished customers online or offline.

iTruColor is looking for partners worldwide. We will provide you with 6 major worry-free support: ①Zero Risk ②Ensured Quality ③Guarenteed Profit ④Marketing Materials Support ⑤Regional & Chanel Protection ⑥Increase & Maintain Sales Opportunities. If you are interested, please contact us!

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