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How Is Itrucolor’s Ultra-Low Defective Rate Generated? What Does It Mean for Your Business?

It is well known that phone LCD screen cannot completely avoid after-sales problems, but different suppliers, different product quality, and different quality control capabilities directly affect the defective rate.

Professional merchants know that the defective rate not only affects the total cost,but also affects the continuity of the business. In other words,with high defective rate,you will direct loss money and waste time.Indirectly you will get bad reputation,loss old customers and affect customer accumulation.

With reliable quality, the defective rate of iTruColor is much lower than ordinary LCD screen,but also significantly lower than the OEM LCD in the market.

So how iTruColor can control the defective rate such low?

1. Experienced R&D team with continuous technological innovation

2. Carefully polish the mold and adjust it, again and again, to make the screen perfectly match

3. The selection of high-end raw materials,

4. Excellent quality inspection systems with own factory passed IS0:9001

5. Mature production process

6. Professional and skilled screen industry workers


To achieve ultra-low defective rates need to cross above thresholds, it is the reason why most suppliers know the importance of reducing the defective rate, but there is nothing to do.

It is better to see once than hear a hundred times. To get an answer by your own testing!

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