A Letter to iTruColor Partners

A Letter to iTruColor Partners

Dear Old and New Partners,

Welcome to visit our website to know more about iTruColor. It’s the fate and trust of both parties to get the invitation code for visiting. Based on our business philosophy, in a certain period of time we will not open our website to public except with invitation code. On one hand, this is to protect the benefit of our current partners. On the other hand, we need to select partners. Those customers who approve our business philosophy will get chance to cooperate in priority.

Except the information on website, I would like to share with you about my view.

1. For Aftermarket screen, Only differentiated and high quality products can help customers develop better.

The characteristics of the screen determine that the first feeling when people use it, It’s whether the color/tone is true. And this is the biggest advantage and differentiated characteristic of iTruColor screen and other aftermarket screens. Maybe the TrueColor will become an condition of distinction among all the aftermarket screens soon. One is TrueColor screen, the others is non-TrueColor ones. Certainly, the other characteristics of iTruColor screen are far better than normal aftermarket screens.Thanks to the small range test for about one year, the feedback is amazing and the product is mature. So expanding the mass production to support more distributors via differentiated advantages.

2. Our business philosophy define our promise and expectation to our partners clearly.

As senior businessman, we deeply understand that: Mature business is not just a buying and selling relationship. If we need long-term development, the most important is we have mutual recognition to our cooperate philosophy. Then we can make win-win business. What kind of business philosophy determine what kind of cooperation prospects. So we express our promise and expectation  to our partners, products and the whole industry via our mission, vision, value, business philosophy and understanding to industry background. We are #1 who put forward that: Achieve the local distributors successfully. iTruColor specialized in R&D and manufacturing differentiated leading products. The local distributors devote in local sales development.

If you approve our business philosophy,

If you have customers need premium quality screens,

If you can do nothing when facing the fierce homogenization competition in the aftermarket screen industry,

Or if you want to expand good supply channel and determine to develop high-end market,

If you want to be wholesale cell phone parts distributors of iTruColor,

Let’s shake hands and go together!

Founder of iTruColor: Ben



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